Why breastfeed is important?

Breastfeed is really important.  Let's  see the reason- 
1. Breast milk keeps your baby healthy.
2. It protects the baby from  allergies, sickness, and obesity. 
3. It protects against serious diseases, like diabetes and cancer. 
4. It protects against infections.
5. It is easily digested – no constipation, diarrhea or upset stomach.

Tips for new parents

 If anyone has a handle on what moms really need to know about breastfeeding, its the mothers who had successfully breastfed their babies in the past. Your mother can be a great choice. Apart from them let's know some of the other facts, which most of the moms prefer and have shared. 

Let's start with some of the best breastfeeding practices for new moms- 

1. Always be prepared ahead of time

Take the time to find out about breastfeeding wile you are still pregnant, so that you don't have to worry in future. Its always good to have the information on hand just in case. Apart from reading, do consult your mother or friends who have already gone through this phase, and most importantly do consult  your Genealogist.

2. Always consult with the experienced ones

When you’re making up your mind about breastfeeding, get to know other mothers who are breastfeeding so you can see how it works for them.


3. Nurse frequently,  as its the signal given by your baby for more milk production

Breast makes milk continously, but they make more if they are empty ie, the frequency you breastfeed your baby. Specially during the first few weeks, the feeding frequency send to signal to your breasts for the amount of milk going to need in future. Try to limit the use of formula milk in this period as this may affect your milk cycle and quantity. If your baby isn’t well enough to nurse a lot, it’s important to hand-express or pump so that these signals are still transmitted to your breasts.”

4. Discover a mutual feeding pattern betweek you and your baby.

Every baby is different, and you have to understand this.. so don't worry if he feed more than 8 to 10 times a day. Its pattern which you have to discover with your baby. Also,different women have different storage capacity which directly affects the feeding frequency.  

5. Breastfeeding should not be painful.

Pain in our body is always a signal that something is wrong. So if you feel pain, try to get medical help as soon as possible.

6. Breastfeeding is more than just a way of feeding a baby.

Breastfeeding is just not a mode of feeding.. it helps your baby to soothe and gives him psychological and physiological advantages. It comforts the baby and gives relaxation. 

7. Breastfeeding is comfortable and not complex

Nursing is much more comfortable and convenient contrary to most parents think. Also in case you work outside, you can always use a pump.